Book Group - I Who Have Never Known Men - Wednesday 19th June 2024

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Buy a copy of I Who Have Never Known Men to book your place in the June book group!

Wednesday 19th June 2024 at 6.30pm. Location: Golden Hare Books, EH3 5AQ.

About the book:

Discover the haunting, heartbreaking post-apocalyptic tale of female friendship and intimacy set in a deserted world.

Deep underground, thirty-nine women are kept in isolation in a cage. Above ground, a world awaits. Has it been abandoned? Devastated by a virus?

Watched over by guards, the women have no memory of how they got there, no notion of time, and only vague recollection of their lives before. But, as the burn of electric light merges day into night and numberless years pass, a young girl - the fortieth prisoner - sits alone and outcast in the corner.

Soon she will show herself to be the key to the others' escape and survival in the strange world that awaits them above ground. The woman who will never know men.

Translated by Ros Schwartz

With an introduction by Sophie Mackintosh.