Hip-Hop is History by Questlove - Signed Edition

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This is the pre-order page for the signed edition of Hip-Hop is History by Questlove. Your order will be fulfilled after the publication date of 11th June 2024.

When hip-hop first emerged in the 1970s, it wasn't expected to become the cultural force
it is today. But for a young Black kid growing up in a musical family in Philadelphia, it was
everything. He stayed up late to hear the newest songs on the radio. He saved his money
to buy vinyl as soon as it landed. He even started to try to make his own songs. That kid
was Questlove, and decades later, he is a six-time Grammy Award-winning musician, an
Academy Award-winning filmmaker, a New York Times bestselling author, a producer, an
entrepreneur, a cofounder of one of hip-hop's defining acts (the Roots), and the genre's
unofficial in-house historian.

In this landmark book, Hip-Hop Is History, Questlove skilfully traces the creative and
cultural forces that made and shaped hip-hop, highlighting both the forgotten but
influential gems and the undeniable chart-topping hits-and weaves it all together with the
stories no one else knows. It is at once an intimate, sharply observed story of a cultural
revolution and a sweeping, grand theory of the evolution of the great artistic movement of
our time. And Questlove, of course, approaches it with not only the encyclopaedic fluency
and passion of an obsessive fan but also the expertise and originality of an innovative

Hip-hop is history, and also his history.