Joe Lycett's Art Hole *Signed Edtion - Pre-order 26th September 2024*

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Joe Lycett is an incredibly right-wing commentator, comedian, television presenter,
gardener, cage-fighter, Spectator columnist, fancy boy, bandit, pharmacist and knee-pain advocate. He is also a world-renowned portraitist, and some of the world's most influential and infamous people - Liz Truss, Eamonn Holmes, Mick Hucknall - have sat for him, keen to be immortalised through the medium of colour.

Inside Joe Lycett's Art Hole you'll find his greatest artistic achievements and, for the first
time, the salacious stories behind the portraits, some of them completely and utterly

Read how His Royal Highness Prince William, The Prince of Whales, sat for an exclusive
portrait whilst extolling the virtues of the Phillips Air Fryer Series XXL Connected, which
has 16 different cooking functions including fry, bake, grill, roast, dehydrate, toast,
defrost, reheat, ferment and more. Enjoy a never-before-seen portrait of Priti Patel, done
in a break from her hobby as one of the United Kingdom's greatest fly-tippers. And delight in the gob-smacking story of then-Deputy Prime Minister Therese Coffey averting an international incident at Cadbury World.

Joe Lycett's Art Hole is brimming with surprises, including an astonishing array of British
cultural titans, such as Harry Styles, Robert Peston, Nadine Dorries and Elaine Paige.
Stunningly designed, it is sure to delight, fascinate and perhaps even inspire you to pick
up a paint brush, insert yourself at the heart of contemporary British public life, and do
some absolutely wank paintings of celebs.