Ocean by David Attenborough and Colin Butfield - *Pre-Order 8th May 2025*

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This is the pre-order page for Ocean: How to Save Earth's Last Wilderness by Sir David Attenborough and Colin Butfield. Your order will be fulfilled after the publication date of 8th May 2025.

From the icy oceans of our poles to remote coral islands, David Attenborough has filmed
in every ocean habitat on planet earth. Now, with long-term collaborator Colin Butfield, he
shares the story of our last great, critical wilderness, and the one which shapes the land
we live on, regulates our climate and creates the air we breathe.

Through one hundred years, eight unique ocean habitats, countless intriguing species -
and through personal stories, history and cutting-edge science - Ocean uncovers the
mystery, the wonder and the frailty of the most unexplored habitat on our planet. And it
shows its remarkable resilience: it is the part of our world that can, and in some cases
has, recovered the fastest, and in our lifetimes we could see a fully restored marine
world, even richer and more spectacular than we could possibly hope, if we act now.

It is a book almost a century in the making, but one that has never been more
urgently needed.