The Bay with Julia Rampen - Ticket-Only Option

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Thursday, 31st of August at 6.30pm

 We're very excited to welcome Julia Rampen to the bookshop to celebrate and discuss her upcoming novel, The Bay. She will be in conversation with Dr. Dima Mekdad.

We will follow up on your purchase with an email with more details on the event, which will be held at Golden Hare Books on St Stephen Street. 

About The Bay

In an old-fashioned fishing community on windswept Morecambe Bay, change is imperceptibly slow. Treacherous tides sweep the quicksands, claiming everything in their path. As a small boy, Arthur had naturally followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footprints, learning to read the currents and shifting sands.

Now retired and widowed, though, Arthur feels tired, invisible, redundant. His daughter wants him safely tucked in a home. No one listens to his rants about the ill-prepared newcomers striking out nightly onto the bay for cockles, seemingly oblivious to the danger.

When Arthur’s path crosses Suling’s, both are almost out of options. Barely yet an adult, Suling’s hopes for a better life have given way to fear: she’s without papers or money, speaks no English, and debt collectors are hunting her down. Her only choice is to trust the old man.

Combining warmth and tension and recalling a true incident, The Bay tells a tender story about loneliness, confronting prejudice, and the comfort of friendship, however unlikely—as well as exposing one of the most pressing social ills of our age.

About Julia Rampen

Julia Rampen is a journalist, podcaster, editor and writer based in Liverpool. She is Media Director for IMIX, a charity that supports refugees and migrants in telling their stories to the media, and co-founder of Qisetna: Talking Syria. She was formerly the digital night editor of the Liverpool Echo and digital news editor of The New Statesman. Freelance credits include The Guardian, The Globe & Mail, Slate, DiversityQ, Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 4 and Sky News All Out Politics podcast. The Bay is her first novel. Hsiao-Hung Pai has written for The Guardian, Open Democracy, Feminist Review, Red Pepper, Socialist Review, Chinese Times UK, Chinese Weekly, The Storm, and many Chinese-language publications worldwide. She covered the 2004 cockle-picking tragedy for The Guardian.

About Dr. Dima Mekdad

Dr Dima Mekdad is Shubbak Festival’s general manager. She has a PhD in Analytical Science from King’s College London. She used to be a project manager and a researcher at the UK National Measurement Laboratory for over nine years. Dima wears several hats, among them a storyteller and a new writer. Dima is the co-founder and former director of Qisetna: Talking Syria. She is also the co-founder of Zamakan CIC, the umbrella of London’s Syrian Arts & Culture Festival. Dima is also the Co-Chair of Refugee Week.