Value: What Money Can't Buy: A Handbook for Practical Hedonism by Stephen Bayley

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Since the industrial revolution, when everything ran by clockwork, people have understood how important it is to live in the moment. But over time our world has grown increasingly busy, and we've lost our ability to truly savour each unique experience and the simple pleasures the world has to offer. Cultural commentator and critic Stephen Bayley seeks to explain what real value is: it's about taking the time and making the effort to appreciate things, of understanding the permanent charm of modest daily rituals performed with care and feeling.

Of caring about appearances and meaning. Of being bold in matters of taste. Of fully understanding the source of lasting pleasure.

Of making every encounter with an object or person meaningful. Value is an elegiac account of what's recently been lost in the digital apocalypse. But also an enthusiastic anticipation of what we can regain in a post-viral, more analogue and more thoughtful world.